Our Historical Background

Alim Industries Ltd. was established in 1990 at the BISCIC Industrial Estate, Gutatikar, Sylhet. Late M. A. Alim Chowdhury was the mastermind behind establishment of the industry. In fact the industry is the definitive manifestation of his long-cherished ingenious vision of the founder.

Since the inauguration of his career, applied technology became the centre point of Alim Chowdhury's dream and aspiration. Industrial backwardness of the Sylhet region disheartened him constantly. In particular, the question of transforming from conventional to modern mechanized system of cultivation for changing the destiny of our poverty-stricken rural peasants spellbound his imagination from the very beginning of his career.

Before stepping into a permanent line of entrepreneurial involvement, he participated on experimental basis, in some flourishing ventures for sometime but those proved too insignificant to accommodate his big inventive ideas. He went on exploring viability of wider range of ventures seriously until a draft plan could be contemplated by him which subsequently came into being as the New Engineering Works Ltd. in 1978.

An aggressive preparation and homework was completed before taking real practical steps. Considering the unique local concentration of tea industry in Sylhet district i.e., the newly found industry specialized in tea processing machineries.

Simultaneous with manufacturing activities, the newly found Alim Industries Ltd. also highlighted Agro-machineries Development and Research as a major organizational objective for facing market challenges with a constantly updated quality of services.

Initially, the Alim Industries Ltd. started with M. A. Alim Chwdhury as the Chairman, Gulam Rabbani Chowdhury as the Managing Director, Alimus Sadat Choudhury the Executive Director and Mr. Alimul Ahsan Chowdhury as a Director.

In 2004 after the bereavement of our beloved founder Chairman M. A. Alim Chowdhury, the positions of Chairman and Executive Directors were re-organized. Since then on, the founder Executive Director Alimus Sadat Chowdhury has been discharging the responsibilities of Chairman and Mr. Alimul Ahsan Chowdhury took over as Executive Director.

After increase of our business growth recently in 2011 Alim Industries Ltd. re organized the executive committee with Mr. Alimul Ahsan Chowdhury as the Managing Director, Alimus Sadat Chowdhury as the vice Chairman and Gulam Rabbani Chowdhury as the Chairman.

Efforts and Attainments and recognitions for outstanding contribution.

Very shortly after inception, Alim Industries successfully introduced a wide range of products as follows:

  • Alim Paddy/Wheat power thresher as well as walking system Alim power tiller.
  • Forage Chopper, Ventilating Dryer.
  • Rice Reaper and other similar products in that line.

    • From the point of view of the product's operational adaptability with our non-conversant Bangladeshi farmers are concerned, Alim Power Tiller and Alim Power Thresher are two fundamental inventions of the new industry.

      Commitment and ground-breaking hard labor bring success; success brings reward. As expected, Alim Industries also was greatly honored for its achievements.

      It is a matter of great pride that our founder Chairman Late M. A. Alim Chwdhury personally achieved the highly prestigious President Award for his unparallel contribution to Agriculture sector of national development for production of top efficacy agro-machinery and unrelenting technical research in the sector.

      Adding to its glory, Alim Industries Ltd. has been honored with the prestigious membership of the famous Royal Agricultural Society of England.

      A major recognition came in the form of huge respond from the users throughout the country signifying accuracy of the precisions of our market studies prior to its inception. Continuous quality enhancement, simple & user-friendly product standard and sustained after-sale customer care might be the prime reasons behind the success.

      Many high level distinguished state dignitaries visited the factory at different times .The factory was also visited by a number of other distinguished personalities of national and international repute.

      Considering quality & performance standard of the Alim Products, Bangladesh Government approved its Patent, Design, and Copyright & Trade Mark Registration.

      A journey towards growth & excellence

      The Directors group is well educated, well-disposed and well-experienced businessmen in their respective individual fields even outside industrial manufacturing. The Chairman, the Managing Director and the Executive Director are all recognized, bona-fide and successful business personalities of Bangladesh with vast specialized knowledge of organizing industrial ventures.

      The group of Directors is highly knowledgeable, well informed and well conversant about the project in particular. Especially, the Managing Director and Executive Director of the company demonstrated the finest level of management excellence and expertise on Agro-Machinery production, Research, Design development, Quality improvement, Field Training & demonstration and Product Marketing at domestic/overseas level. They acquired this excellence through plenty of background work e.g., continuous committed hard work , comprehensive practical experience, and visits to many international exhibitions & seminars in numerous countries including India, Nepal, China, Thailand, Malaysia, UAE, UK, Denmark, Germany, France, USA etc. and interaction with almost all concerning local government and international organizations/agencies related with Agro-Machinery production and distribution network.

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Management Profile

Late M. A. Alim Chowdhury
Alimus Sadat Chowdhury
Alimul Ahsan Chowdhury
Alimul Shahan Chowdhury
Lutfa Chowdhury